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Moving images - Moving boats

A new approach to selling boats

First Light Services offers a range of competitively priced video advertisement packages tailored to the needs of individual vendors and brokers. Boat advertisements have improved in the last few years with the greater availability of colour reproduction in magazines. However the images are static and usually limited to one per boat.

The most effective way to show off a boat is manoeuvring on the water and through a personal tour of the boat's interior. Up 'til now this has meant the prospective purchaser often travelling long distances to inspect a number of boats. Sales can be lost simply due to lack of time available to tour boatyards.

Now the potential purchaser can inspect the boat at leisure without leaving home. While nothing can replace a personal visit, a video tour of a boat can tip the balance in favour of making the journey.

First Light Services can tailor a video package
to suit the individual needs of the client

Video presentation of a single boat

This is suitable for a private vendor or as part of a package for a brokerage. The video can last for up to 10 minutes and include shots of the boat manoeuvring, interior features and engine. Computer-generated graphics can also be used. Content can be varied to suit the client's wishes. Ten VHS copies are included.

Have a look at a sample running order for this type of video.

Guide price £300 plus travelling expenses

All prices are quoted ex-VAT

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