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Moving images - Moving boats

A new approach to instruction for hirers

Video can contribute to greater safety and less damage to your boats

On turn-around day time is at a premium but it's still essential to give hirers a thorough briefing on boat handling, daily checks and safety afloat. First Light Services can ease the pressure by providing a video package tailored to the needs of your company and base.

A typical video could include generally applicable safety information and boat handling techniques, including lock working, illustrated with animated graphics. Other items specific to your boats and cruising area, such as dealing with lift or swing bridges would also be featured. Daily checks would be explained using your fleet's engine installations.

A video of this type could be sent to hirers before their holiday or could be used as an adjunct to personal explanations at the hire base prior to departure. First Light Services can produce a package to suit either or both requirements.

Price would vary depending on the exact contents of the package.

All prices are quoted ex-VAT

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