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Moving images - Moving boats

A new approach to selling boats

First Light Services offers a range of competitively priced video advertisement packages tailored to the needs of individual vendors and brokers. Boat advertisements have improved in the last few years with the greater availability of colour reproduction in magazines. However the images are static and usually limited to one per boat.

The most effective way to show off a boat is manoeuvring on the water and through a personal tour of the boat's interior. Up 'til now this has meant the prospective purchaser often travelling long distances to inspect a number of boats. Sales can be lost simply due to lack of time available to tour boatyards.

Now the potential purchaser can inspect the boat at leisure without leaving home. While nothing can replace a personal visit, a video tour of a boat can tip the balance in favour of making the journey.

First Light Services can tailor a video package
to suit the individual needs of the client

Brokerage packages

A number of individual videos of different boats at the same base can be offered as a package, allowing a discount against the individual price. In addition a more comprehensive service can be provided if required. Options could include a catalogue video and individual presentation videos of boats. The catalogue would include short sequences of individual boats including a graphic giving details of price. In addition a general introduction detailing the range of services available could be incorporated. 10 VHS copies of each tape are included in all packages. Additional copies can be made at a small charge per copy. A regular updating service can also be arranged for the catalogue option.

Packages can be arranged to take account of situations when several boats are at different moorings.

Individual quotations depending on number of boats, travel distances and updating required

All prices are quoted ex-VAT

Take your boats to the shows on video

The major boat shows and festivals are a great opportunity to meet potential customers and make contacts. First Light Services offers brokers and boat builders the chance to make the best of these opportunities by harnessing the power of modern video technology. Now you can bring your best boats to the show on tape via a specially created video presentation.

Packages can be tailored to suit any size of operation and are as applicable to builders and fitters-out of new hulls as to brokers dealing in used boats. An updating arrangement can be included to allow boats sold to be replaced between shows.

Individual quotations depending on number of boats, travel distances and updating required

All prices are quoted ex-VAT

First Light Services will not only create your video presentation but can also arrange supply and installation of suitable equipment to replay it on your stand.

Sample show video running order

  1. Opening Title - Brokerage name
  2. Introduction in vision to brokerage
  3. Exterior of boat, ideally including it moving
  4. Walkthrough of boat including close ups
  5. Graphic of layout
  6. Graphic of boat details and price - repeat from seq 3 for each boat
  7. Broker’s pay off
  8. Reprise of stills of boats featured
  9. Graphic of contact information
  10. Closing credits - vendor and First Light Services

Vendor’s logos or artwork can be incorporated if required.

Since this package is aimed at use in noisy environments such as shows there would be no commentary. All additional information would be presented on a graphic strap running along the bottom of the picture. Suitable non-copyright music would be used as a background.

The in vision pieces could be replaced by a voice-over and shots of the broker’s moorings etc. if required. If a boat has a "trad" engine the sound of this could be featured over a shot of the engine ‘ole.

A package featuring 10 boats would run for just less than 25 minutes

Guide price £800 includes master tape on BetaSP and one VHS copy Travel costs are additional

All prices are quoted ex-VAT

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